An interview with Ezzedine Errousi’s sister about his detainment: A prisoner of conscience

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A few hours after the release of Ezzeddine Errousi, we got in contact with his family and asked them questions about the past few months of  his suffering, their thoughts and feelings about his detainment, and Ezzeddine’s uncertain future:

Mamfakinch: What is Ezzedine’s current state of health?
Jamila (Ezzedine’s sister): His health has deteriorated. He’s been unable to stand and has to use a wheelchair to get around. He speaks with great difficulty and we have barely been able to talk to him on the phone since his release. He confirmed that he went 20 days without care to his broken hand, and that they placed a cast on his hand 20 days later. His fingers are in terrible condition.
We have received no help and we do not know how we will deal with the health costs.

Mamfakinch: Let’s go back to that painful day when he was kidnapped, what really happened?
Jamila: On the day of his arrest, Ezzedine was on campus, not only did they drag him out of the campus, but they stripped him. They dragged him almost entirely nude on Thursday in the Taza marketplace, which is near the university. People can attest to this at the marketplace.

Mamfakinch: We heard information that your brother was assaulted while he was in prison, what can you tell us about this?
Jamila: We filed a complaint with the Crown prosecutor, who accused my brother of assaulting a prisoner. The truth is that my brother was the one who was assaulted on Saturday while the guards did nothing to protect him. He was in critical condition until Monday.

So we have suspicions about the motives of the prisoner. He might have committed the assault voluntarily or someone may have pushed him to do so. Moreover, the prisoner himself made it clear: « If you do not stop this hunger strike, I’ll kill you. It will be faster since you want to die.  »

There is no justice in this country, we went to all the judges in Taza, they all said they were not the ones who judged my brother and they have not even seen him.

Mamfakinch: What will you do now?
Jamila: We want to sue the state for all these abuses, but we do have not the means.

Mamfakinch: Is Ezzedine going to quit school?
Jamila: He wants to continue his studies but his father believes that after what he endured, his future is doomed in this country. The authorities have the upper hand. Wherever he goes he will encounter obstacles. However, we are ready to send a letter to Minister of Justice and also the King if necessary.
Ezzedine’s statement:

The link to the page where you can see a photo before and after incarceration: Click here.

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