El Haqed Releases New Song and Video in Solidarity with Tunisian Rapper, Weld El 15

26 juin 2013 23 h 10 min 0 comments

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Moroccan rapper El Haqed, who was previously detained twice for his lyrics, has released a new song and video in solidarity with detained Tunisian rapper, Weld El 15. Ala Yaacoub, who goes by the alias Weld El 15, was sentenced to two years in prison for « insulting and threatening the police » due to his lyrics. Weld El 15 faces charges over an anti-police songs that was released on the internet, similar to the string of events that led to the arrest and imprisonment of El Haqed. Following the verdict, Weld El 15 addressed the song and the charges: « In the song, I used the same terms that the police used to speak about the youth. The police have to respect citizens if they want to be respected. »

Below is the video of the new track, entitled « Free Weld 15 » along with additional links with information on Weld El 15’s arrest. Click here for the Arabic version of this post.


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