Moroccans For Change: Corporate Social Responsibility and the Feb 20th Movement

3 avril 2011 5 h 57 min 0 comments

Moroccansforchange (or M4C) is a pro-democracy Anglophone blog aimed at maintaining a full and thorough chronology of recent contestation in Morocco. Its coverage comprises regular updates on mobilization and political debate in Morocco, videos and news and opinion articles in various languages. An indispensible source of information for English-speaking media and press who have been, so far, only modestly covering recent social and political contestation in Morocco.

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In their latest post, they provide a view on the relation between corporate social responsibility and the actual protests in Morocco.

« On February 19th, ahead of the February 20th protests, Tangiers, a city sitting on the Mediterranean shore of Morocco, broke into violent protests targeting the French water distribution firm Veolia.  Similar to other big Moroccan cities, Tangiers has experienced considerable infrastructure growth during the last few years. But the city is also one where income disparities became among the largest in the country. Protesters expressed anger at higher utility bills, and condemned the climate of non-transparency under which Veolia won the water distribution bid. »

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